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Strategic Plan

2020 - 2021

Executive Summary

Granton Youth (GY) was established in 2002 and registered as a charity with Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (SC031622).

GY provides opportunities for young people aged 11 – 27 years living within the North Edinburgh areas of Granton, Wardieburn, Royston, Muirhouse and Pilton to engage in youth work, informal education and programmes supporting their involvement in positive activities and learning opportunities.

GY is recognised through its service delivery of open youth work, outreach work, detached streetwork, counselling, volunteering and schools-based programmes to support and engage our local young people, who actively participate in designing services and programmes we provide.

The Future

Over the next two years our key priorities will be to continue to support local young people in all the current settings including; clubs, schools, in their community and, to fill the gap in provision which we have identified, supporting young people at home.

Working with parents and young people to facilitate more positive relationships. Providing practical, social and emotional help to bring about stronger families and more confident and happier young people.


In order to achieve our goals and outcomes and continue to be a financially sustainable organisation we will continue to seek support from a variety of funding bodies.

Projected costs based on our current ambitions for the year ending March 2020 will be £231k. This will increase to £242k
in the period ending March 2021.

It is anticipated that 90-95% will come from local and national funding bodies/trusts with the remainder from volunteering of time, skills and resources. 


Granton Youth (GY) has pleasure in providing an updated Strategy to 2021 that takes account for our key objectives and ambitions for young people within North Edinburgh. This is a dynamic document that will be reviewed on an ongoing basis but forms the foundation and guiding principles of our work.

Objectives and principal activities:

  • Raise the aspirations of young people in North Edinburgh and promote a more inclusive community.
  • Provide a safe environment for young people in North Edinburgh to explore relevant health, emotional, social and economic issues.
  • Increase participation and social responsibility amongst local young people and reduce social isolation.

We will:

  • Continue to develop innovative projects and programmes for young people to meet their needs.
  • Create volunteering opportunities for local people.
  • Develop relevant partnerships with local organisations, including the North Edinburgh Youth Work Consortium and with city and national organisations.
  • Listen and respond to young people’s views.
  • Support young people in school, in their free time and in their community.
  • Look at ways to provide ‘intergenerational’ support for parents/carers and their children.

The main areas of our activities:

  • The provision of age specific youthwork services.
  • The provision of diversionary activities during school holidays
  • A detached youth work service delivering interventions in the community to address risk-taking behaviour.
  • The provision of an accredited youth and adult volunteering service.
  • The provision of 1-2-1 and youthwork support in schools.
  • The provision of a counselling service.
  • The provision of a pre-employability IT based programme.
  • The provision of a young parents support programme.
  • The provision of an activities/sport outdoor education programme.
  • The provision of a transitions service to support young people from primary to secondary school, and throughout their school life, both in schools and in our youth clubs.

Our vision and values for North Edinburgh

A holistic programme to support local young people at GY, in school, in their community
and at home. Offering practical, emotional
and social support through facilitation, empowerment and challenge – across the various projects and services we offer – to enable young people to reach their true potential.

Young people:

Our services - key actions

Safe / Healthy / Achieving / Nurtured / Active / Respected / Responsible / Included /


Support Transition

Work with young people in P7 to support safe, effective and confident transition to secondary schools.

Vulnerable People

Continue to support vulnerable young people in secondary schools through 1:1 and groupwork to enable positive transitions from childhood to adolescence.

Youth Clubs

Provide age specific youth clubs, build trusting relationships and provide activities to support young people throughout school and beyond to young adulthood.



Identify and support vulnerable young people in collaboration with school staff to provide tailored support Groupwork and 1:1 support.

Peer mentoring

Academic Support

Academic support in small groups using informal educational – youthwork approach.



Identify and support vulnerable young people in collaboration with school staff to provide counselling.


Deliver in-house non-time limited therapy to young clients.


Provide advocacy to young clients in situations where they may feel intimidated or unheard, such as Young Person Planning Meetings CAMHS, GPs, school and/or within criminal system.

Parents and Families


Identify funding to enable GY to work with parents/carers of young people who are struggling and provided them with practical, social and emotional support.


Work with young people who are experiencing relationship problems with parents/carers.


1:1 support & groupwork.

Detached Youthwork


Youth worker having an active presence on the streets to engage with young people not attending, or excluded, from youthwork agencies.


Deliver Universal Brief Interventions, based on the medical model of A (Alcohol) BI to engage in discussions around risk-taking behaviour and motivation for change


Use a harm reduction approach to keep young people safe on the street and refer on to alternative supports.

Health and Activities


Develop a programme of activities to engage young people in more physical pursuits to improve their mental, physical and emotional health.


Identify those young people least interested in sport or physical activity and/or socially isolated young people and encourage their participation.


Build up the levels of activity and push their perceived boundaries to improve self-esteem and well-being.

Key Actions

Our Future

The values which underpin our work combined with our commitment to delivering high quality services, support us in achieving the ambitions we have for young people in north Edinburgh.

This Strategic Plan places young people at its centre and supports us to move to the next level of delivering quality services and programmes which are needs based and achieve the best possible outcomes.

We are confident that this strategy provides a roadmap for connecting with young people an supporting them to reach their full potential.