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Mixtape Music Club

An open access introduction to playing, singing, song-writing and performing for young people aged 11+.

Youth work staff and music tutors work with young people learn a variety of instruments/vocal coaching/song-writing; as well as learning about the music industry.

A friendly and supportive group using peer education to build and support skills and performance.

Wednesdays; 6-8pm S1+

Our ‘Mixtape’ music project brings young people together, creates meaningful connections between themselves and staff, and helps young people become more rounded individuals through a focus on music.

With secured funding and donations, we have been able to source good quality musical instruments and recording equipment, as well as the tutelage from, and guest speaking by, those working within the music industry.

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Our project’s goal is to have our young people begin upon, or improve, their musical ability and give them professional standard tools to do so.

Young people are being taught to compose their own songs and the project recently concluded its third semester at the start of August 2023 with a week’s visit to an industry standard recording studio (Mark Morrow Audio) where they made their third compilation album comprising ALL original songs. 

Through this programme we have enabled; young people to develop and improve on their instrumentation, composition, and performance – to the point where they have all composed original pieces, received national and US radio airplay, and performed in some of Scotland’s best music venues.

In addition their confidence, verbal and written communication skills have also increased to a high level.

Through classes on lyric writing, they have all have learned to express their emotions as individuals and share these with the group.

All participants; from those young people who already had a good knowledge of their chosen instruments, to those with no knowledge of music theory or how to play an instrument – all are now in a place where they can write songs and/or play an instrument to a good/high standard.

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