Granton Youth

Granton Youth, established in 2002, provides opportunities for young people aged 11 – 27 years living within the North Edinburgh areas of Granton, Wardieburn, Royston, Muirhouse and Pilton to engage in youth work, informal education and programmes supporting their involvement in positive activities and learning opportunities. 

Granton Youth is recognised through its service delivery of open youth work, outreach work, detached streetwork, Counselling, volunteering and schools-based programmes to support and engage our local young people, who actively participate in designing services and programmes we provide.

Our Objectives

The charity’s objects and principal activities are to:

  • Raise the aspirations of local young people and promote a more inclusive community
  • Provide a safe environment for young people to explore relevant health, social, practical and emotional issues
  • Increase participation and citizenship amongst local young people and reduce social isolation

Our Strategies

The strategies employed by Granton Youth to meet these objectives include the following:

  • Developing innovative projects and programmes for young people
  • Creating volunteering opportunities for young people
  • Developing relevant partnerships with local and national organisations
  • Providing individual advocacy, support and counselling or those young people who are most vulnerable
  • Increasing opportunities to participate in democratic structures i.e. management committees and youth councils
  • Listening and responding to the views of young people

Our Partnerships

Granton Youth has long established partnership and collaborative working practices with schools, statutory and voluntary organisations including the North Edinburgh Youth Work Collaborative to provide programmes, support and services for local young people

Open Access Youth Work

Evening open access youth clubs provide the opportunity for young people to participate in a wide range of social, recreational and educational activities in a safe and welcoming environment Mondays 5-7pm (S1), Wednesday 6-8pm (S4+) Thursdays 5.30-7.30 (Music) and Fridays 6-8pm (S2 + S3). At RWCC.

Counselling Service

We operate a full-time counselling service providing emotional support to young people aged 11-26 Individual appointments throughout the week. Referrals are taken from GY staff or local agencies, GPs and schools or clients can self-refer. GY counselling service provides non-time limited therapy to young people aged 11+.

GY Counselling offers a non-time limited therapeutic service adopted from an understanding of the client base and the complex and sometimes difficult backgrounds which require taking a long-term approach, in which to build a trusting and supportive relationship. GY takes a holistic approach to supporting its young people and develops and provides a range of services which meet the varying and ever evolving needs of its young client base.


This project supports young lone parents who may be experiencing social isolation, lacking confidence and requiring support with parenting, budgeting and managing a home.

An informal and friendly group in which parents and their children can learn and play together in a structured but relaxed environment with fun and practical activities to develop confidence, social and practical skills. Supporting parents in the early years of their children’s lives can impact on the children’s development and thus the existing and potential strengths of the child, the family and the community GoLone seeks to provide practical, social and emotional support to parents.

Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Additional session to be added soon.

Schools-based Youth Work Programme

Five days per week; youth work presence in Broughton High School providing 1-2-1 educational, social and emotional support. Whilst this provision is inclusive to support a wide range of young people, additional support such as counselling and mentoring are available for young people experiencing difficult transitions.

Get Going

Sports, swimming, outward bounds and football – a variety of taster sessions at clubs with group activities on Fridays to help support and engage young people who would not normally be able to participate in such pursuits; either due to isolation, confidence or affordability. Fridays: 12-5pm Targeted Outward Bounds/outdoors group. Swimming on a Friday 2-4pm at Ainslie Park. Physical activities and sports on club nights.

Youth and Adult Volunteering

A programme of opportunities for young and adult volunteers to access accredited volunteering through Youth Achievement Awards and Saltire through a tailored framework of activity, work placement and learning.

A structured model to introduce our youngest service users to volunteering and building on their commitment, developing the programme alongside age and experience, to allow them to transition onto an internship and then paid apprenticeship as they progress along the pathway.

Developing the skills of young people and volunteers through a structured and supported training programme alongside work placements; helping build skills, experience and confidence.

A progressive pathway for all ranges and abilities. For taster level volunteering for young people to a progressive GYC Internship which includes theoretical/learning component with in-work training.


Detached youth work, on the street, to meet and talk to young people who are not engaging in community based youth work provision. Building professional, supportive relationships with young people who are isolated or who may be involved in risk-taking behaviour and encourage them to participate in more positive activities.


Summer and Holiday Provision

A programme of activities, trips outdoor education and residentials for service users and their families.

Community Events

Granton Youth aims to host specific community events and activities eg Christmas meals or summer ‘fun days’ to bring the whole community together.

This brings generations together and reduces barriers and stereotypical views, which many people hold about local young people.