Thanks to the North Edinburgh News for publishing some information on our Mixtape Music club – including testimonies from some of the young people who attend! we’ve included the article here so you can give it a read!

Granton Youth has an open access introduction to playing, singing, song-writing and performing for young people aged 11+. Working with youth work staff and music tutors the young people learn a variety of instruments/ vocal coaching/ song-writing as well as learning about the music industry (writes DAVE McNAB).

Beau has been attending since age 16 and fronts the band ‘Low Tide’ – who on Sunday 21st January played to a sell out crowd at Glasgows King Tuts Wah Wah Hut supporting rising star Ben Walker.

Beau said: “Going to mixtape has honestly been the best decision I’ve ever made and I really don’t say that lightly. I have always loved music since I was tiny, but never had enough confidence in my abilities to play it or create it.

“I’ve always been incredibly shy and previously used to refuse to sing in front of people and I’ve just played to a sold out king tuts! This is entirely down to mixtape and the opportunities it has given me to learn music, learn how to record and write, learn how to perform on stage.

“Not only has it improved my skills in music but it’s taught me skills that transfer to other areas of my life specifically confidence. There are so many times I’ve refused music related opportunities due to confidence and little by little mixtape has broken this barrier down.

“In the past year I’ve really struggled with my health and mental health and mixtape has giving me something to strive for and look forward to. It’s a safe haven for creative people to work together and spend their time doing something meaningful and expressive and is such an invaluable resource for so many young people in the community. It pure escapism and is honestly the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Leon has been attending since age 15 and never had the confidence to pursue music but is now recording his own tracks and starting to build towards playing live shows. 

“When I first came to mixtape, I was very interested in music but I never had a chance to do anything with my passion. Mixtape gave me opportunities I never knew would ever be available to someone my age.

“They helped to open my eyes as to how free the world of music can be and how rewarding it can feel. It has also helped me in my day-to-day life by helping to improve my confidence.

Another young person has been attending since they were 12 and was quiet, introspective and struggled to socialise with other young people – but has blossomed into a great song writer and performer:

“I have been with mixtape for a while, in all honestly I can’t really remember how I felt about it when I first joined. It was during covid times so having any extracurricular was an excitement.

“That doesn’t mean a lot of things haven’t happened. Mixtape allowed me to go through trial and error as a musician, to slowly but surely figure out its ways with the support of others. It makes me feel proud to tell others that I can song write and feel confident enough to perform.

“The amount of opportunities I was given and still am is so eye-opening. From big festivals to small hubs, from small activities to writing in the studio to record stuff! If I told myself when I first joined this is what I had done and was doing, I know younger me would be happy to hear it, and it wouldn’t of happened without this still growing club.”

We will leave the last word with Alba who has attended since age 14 and is thriving musically and will be playing Sneaky Petes in March with her band formed with other young people she met on the project:

“I was at a school concert when I first heard about mixtape, and learnt that the girl whose singing I’d been admiring for a while had been going there and I decided to join. I’ve always loved to sing but never had much of a chance to, except in the school choir.

“I’ve met my closest friends in mixtape and my confidence performing and in general has spiralled uncontrollably. I assure you I wouldn’t be where I am or who i am today without mixtape”

Granton Youth Mixtape is funded by Children In Need and runs on a Wednesday evening 6-8 at Royston & Wardieburn Community Centre.

We think these testimonies speak for themselves and would like to thank all the GY team and staff who make these opportunities for young people possible!

If interested or have any questions contact Ryan at

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